YADY feed

For a varied diet

YADY is the all-embracing answer to the nutritional needs of our tropical ornamental fish. YADY flakes offer true-to-nature variety.
YADY flake feed contains over 50 carefully chosen and combined ingredients to cover fishes' natural food spectrum. Virtually all of the many different animal ingredients in YADY Classic basic feed consist of aquatic animal foods.

Premium quality
The selected YADY raw materials are processed as expedient in fresh or gently deep-frozen state into nutritious and readily digestible bite-sized feed flakes.

Broad variety
High-quality flake feed offers everything a fish needs on a daily basis. Variety is nevertheless important, and YADY covers a diverse spectrum of products ranging from highly nutritious basic feed through biologically well-balanced special feed, tasty titbits, gourmet treats and high-quality natural feed to delicious snacks.

YADY is the simple, reliable, highly nutritious recipe for healthy, active and magnificently colourful fish that will be the pride and joy of any aquarium enthusiast.

3 golden rules on the right way to feed your fish

  • Regularly, but in moderation: Give your fish as much feed as they can eat in 2-3 minutes two to three times a day.
  • Varied diet: Give your fish YADY Classic flake feed every day, adding YADY Energy freeze-dried animal feed or YADY Gold Snacks several times a week for a touch of variety.
  • In keeping with the needs of your fish: Make sure the feed you give your fish is tailored to their natural needs. YADY offers the ideal type of feed for virtually every variety of fish.

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