EasyLife Kalium 500 ml

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Easy Life - Kalium (Potassium).
Potassium (K) is a macro nutrient – essential for healthy plant growth. Easy-Life Kalium provides this in a highly concentrated form.
Other macro nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous can occur naturally in an aquarium but potassium does not.
It is therefore important to add it to the tank – particularly to well planted tanks with plenty of light.
Easy-Life Kalium also promotes the absorption and take up of other nutrients and trace elements by the plants.
Advantages of Kalium:.
a highly concentrated and complete source of potassium.
can be used in conjunction with other Easy Life products.
nitrate and phospate free.
easy to use, no mixing.
Kalium is very economical : 1 ml per 10 litres of aquarium water will increase the level of potassium (K) by 4 ppm (ppm = mg/l).
In most cases this is a sufficient weekly dose.

  • Manufactured by: Easy Life

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